Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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2. Before the exam

2.8. Communication with Students

SAS communication to both UniSA and UniSA Online students

'Preparing for your online exam' Letter emailed.  
  • Link to RPNow including overview, set-up instructions and video, Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz. 
  • Advise students to complete 'Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz'.
  • Support contact for setup and Mandatory Training Quiz.
Personalized exam timetable emailed.
Exam timetable published to Exam timetable and release dates page of the Exams and Results web pages.

UniSA Online communication to UniSA Online students

UO monitor UO student who have taken the 'Mandatory Training Quiz'.

Mandatory System Check and Training Quiz must be completed prior to each exam.

  • About 2 weeks prior to the exam 
    • Email reminder to complete the 'Mandatory Training Quiz' - to students who have not completed the quiz.
    • Email to complete the 'Mandatory Training Quiz'  - to student who have previously completed this quiz.
      • This is to ensure the latest PRNow software is downloaded, system requirement continue to be met and students are familiar with the online exam process.
    • Email providing technical support information during the exam .

These communications also highlight RPNow FAQ's, help contact details and links to both Mandatory Online Training Quiz and RPNow software.

Academic staff communication to students

Course outline to include - 
  • Delivery of an online exam.
  • Instructions for students to check they meet the system requirements to ensure they can complete the exam.
Post the specific exam details on the Moodle course site, including the software applications that may be used during the exam.
Advise students to complete the Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz as per the APPM (6.7.5). Assessment Policy and Procedure Manual.

Mandatory Training Quiz must be completed prior to each exam.

  • To identify any performance issues.
  • For students to familiarise themselves with the RPNow software (and know how to access their Moodle exam via RPNow).
  • Students must download the software and complete an unassessed Mandatory Training Quiz at least two weeks prior to the date of the exam.
Ensure students know where to access the 'Mandatory Training Quiz'.
Provide students an overview of the process
  • This information is covered in detail in the ten steps of the online exam process of the Mandatory Training Quiz. 
    • Students will be required to accept the 'Terms of Use for Remote Proctor Now' during the exam .
    • Students can read this beforehand. See Step 3 on the relevant Online Exams RPNow Help page in Moodle for the link.
  • Advise students of the exam name and exam sponsor.
    • Ensure student selects the correct exam name and exam sponsor or they won't be able to access the exam.
  • Ensure students know exactly where the exam will be located in Moodle.
  • Advise students of allowed materials during the exam.
  • Remind students to upload as they go.
  • Exam preparation, ie download RPNow software, should start 15 minutes prior to the start of their exam.
  • Direct students to help resources. 
    • UniSA IT Helpdesk in the first instance Note: It is recommended that students install TeamViewer prior to the exam to assist with timely support should remote access be required.
    • RPNow  Chat Support for difficulties with the RPNow secure browser during exam 
      • Select 'Contact Support' on the toolbar at the top to the PRNow browser screen.  Note: Students must download a copy of the chat before closing the chat window by clicking the download icon.

      • Students must keep ALL references for any support obtained during the exam.  
  • Highlight the importance of the identity verification, the room scan and the student photo (step 7 - 9 of the training quiz).
    • e.g. ensure student shows the correct ID, their photo is clear, their room scan in appropriate and should not be done too quickly or breaches will be flagged as a rules violation.