Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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2. Before the exam

2.3. Scheduling an Online Exam

Online exams must be entered into the Exam Portal: Online Exam Request.
  • To ensure a clash free timetable and to avoid any issues for students when accessing the exam via RPNow.
The Academic Unit is responsible for ensuring exam conditions and requirements have been submitted via the Exam Portal: Online Exam Request if a course is to have a final examination date published on the official Examination timetable.
Check Academic calendar for dates of relevant exam periods.
Check Invigilated (RPNow) Online Schedule of Activities for Exams on Examination SharePoint page for action and due date for all online exams.

Liaise with Academic Services Officer to schedule the exam via the OER 

Academic staff create an exam name and exam password (see below) for each exam or exam part (e.g. Final Exam Part A / Final Exam Part B or Secondary Exam Part A / Secondary Exam Part B).
  • Academic Services Officer enters exam information into the Exam Management System via the Exam Portal: Online Exam Request.
  • Secondary assessment exams details will be entered into the Exam Portal at the same time as the final exams.
  • Alternative Exam Arrangement (AEA) exams details will be entered into the Exam Portal at the same time as the final exams.

Exam name

The exam name entered via the OER must be identical to the exam name in MOODLE.
This name is used when SAS register the exam in RPNow.
A mismatch will result in the student being unable to access the quiz in Moodle.
  • The exam name is created using this format: Course Title + the text added into the description field . 
    • e.g. 'UO Financial Accounting 2' 'Final Exam Part A'
      • The exam name would be UO Financial Accounting 2 (Final Exam Part A)
    • Part A, Part B are used for exams that extend over 2hrs in duration and have been broken into 2 exams.

Exam Password

The exam password format can be decided by the local area.  See 2.1 Exam Administration > OER: Passwords for more information.
  • Password must be the same in both the Exam Portal and in the Moodle quiz.
  • The password entered into the exam portal will be registered with the invigilation software (RPNow) so that the student can access the Moodle quiz.
  • DO NOT advise students of the quiz password.
    • Password will be entered automatically by RPNow .
    • It is NOT recommended to create passwords with a standard format for security reasons.
    • Password must be alpha numeric.
    • There is no system limit on the number of characters in a password.
    • Do not include the password in emails.

Secondary Assessment Examinations

Exam details are entered into the Exam Portal at the same time as final exams.

Exam name should reflect that it is a secondary assessment eg UO Financial Accounting 2 (Secondary Exam Part A).

Assessment Policy and Procedure Manual - Section 7. 

  • Deferred assessments or special consideration may be granted only once for each course, unless otherwise determined by the Director: Student and Academic Services, and only in cases of unexpected or exceptional circumstances.
  • 'Special consideration cannot be granted for a deferred assessment or examination, or a supplementary assessment or examination'.

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA)

Exam details are entered into the Exam Portal at the same time as final exams.

Generally a student will advise their Online Course Facilitator /Course Coordinator that they require an alternative exam arrangement .

  • SEU are consulted in regards to the creation of an Access Plan for the student.
  • See exam duration, reading time and exam times, regarding AEA students in Exam Administration.