Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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3. Exam Day

3.1. Academic Staff Responsibilities

Ensure online invigilation software (RPNow) is accessible

15 minutes prior to the exam start time

  • Course Co-ordinator or Online Course Facilitator (OCF) 'unhide' previously 'hidden' quiz (exam) in Moodle.
  • Open RPNow and check the Moodle quiz (exam) can be accessed and the password can be inserted.
  • Ensure you close RPNow after checking the Moodle quiz or this will be recorded as an exam attempt and reviewed.
    • If RPNow is not closed and is reviewed an invigilation fee applies.
    • The exam may be flagged with a rule violation requiring follow up of a breach by SAS staff.

Course Co-ordinator or Online Course Facilitator (OCF) is available at the start of the exam should students try to contact them for assistance.

  • Always advise students to contact RPNow Support in the first instance for IT support.

Course Co-ordinator or Online Course Facilitator (OCF) should not be required to provide technical support. This will be provided by RPNow then IT Helpdesk if RPNow is unable to resolve the issue.

The student should request a report of the service call for any issue that affects them being unable to commence or complete their exam.