Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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2. Before the exam

2.6. Course Design

  • Have one authoritative source for all pertinent online exam information, ensure it is clear, concise and available from the beginning of the study period
  • Provide access to a past exam that replicates the method by which students will complete their actual exam with the exception of the invigilation step e.g. quiz in LMS

Outside of UniSA Online

  • Communicate system requirements prior to enrolment
  • Communicate to students who they are to contact (with technical capability) if they experience technical issues. In the first instance, this should be RPnow, followed by ITHelpdesk (if required)
  • Communicate with students when they should complete the Online Exams Preparation & Mandatory Training Quiz 
  • Create extrinsic factor to encourage completion i.e. incompletion may impact upon secondary assessment approval
  • Check student completion of Online Exams Preparation & Mandatory Training Quiz on the nominated due date and send a reminder to non-completers