Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

3. Exam Day

3.3. Technical Support

The student should request a report of the service call for any issue that affects them being unable to commence or complete the exam.

  • This report may be required if a secondary assessment form is submitted.

RPNow Support

RPNow should be contacted in the first instance

  • 'Contact Support' button is located on the toolbar at the top of the RPNow browser screen.

Contact Support button RPnow

  • RPNow support is a live online support chat.
    •  Remote access to student computer can be used to resolve issues.
  • Student should request an RPNow log of the service call and any service number particularly where significant time has been lost from the exam time or the exam cannot be commenced or completed.
  • Live support is also available if PRNow software cannot be downloaded therefore the 'Contact Support' cannot be accessed.

UniSA IT Help Desk

  • UniSA Help Desk contact
    • within South Australia: 83025000
    • from interstate: 1300 558 654 (cost of a local call).
  • IT Help Desk should be contacted if RPNow are unable to resolve a problem.
    • IT Help Desk manage and maintain a list of frequently asked questions to help resolve issues.
  • IT Help Desk is contacted during an exam.
    • Students should use their phone on speaker.
      • Audio as well as video is recorded during an exam and the conversation with IT can be heard and would not be considered a violation of exam rules.
    • Request a service number and transcript of the call.
  • Where significant time has been lost from the exam time or the exam cannot be commenced or completed. 
    • Student may submit a request for special consideration, the transcript and service number should be submitted with the request form. 

Academic Staff

  • Academic staff, if contacted, should advise students to contact RPNow via the 'Contact Support' button in the toolbar in the first instance.
    • Academic staff are not expected to provide technical support.

SAS: Exams and Results Team

  • Are available during office hours (9:00am - 5:00pm) to assist with RPNow but do not provide technical support.
  • RPNow should be contacted in the first instance for support. UniSA IT Help Desk should be contacted if RPNow are unable to resolve the issue.