Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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5. Lessons Learnt

It is essential for all students to complete the Mandatory System Check and Mandatory Training Quiz prior to each exam to ensure they are familiar with the online exam process including how to insert the exam password and to ensure their systems meet online exam requirements.

  • Academic and IT staff should complete the Mandatory Training Quiz to understand the exam process from the student perspective.
  • Professional should also complete the Mandatory Training Quiz to understand the process particularly where they are required to provide information or answer online exam related queries to students.
  • OCF's and Course Coordinators should unhide the exam then log in to the exam as a student to ensure there are no issues accessing the exam. Any issues can then be resolved before students attempt to access the exam.
  • Students should be given the opportunity for practice quizzes as part of their course and made aware these quizzes are NOT the Mandatory Training Quiz.
  • Issues encountered during an exam have tended to be as a result of something the exam taker has done or failed to do rather than RPNow.


RPNow provide support during an invigilated online exam.

  • Students must contact RPNow and not IT Help Desk if having issues during or accessing the exam.
  • RPNow can remote into a student's computer to resolve issues. The issue needs to be identified and resolved so it does not reoccur when the student sits the next online exam.
  • The RPNow software prevents IT Help Desk from accessing a student's computer to check issues so should only be contacted if RPNow are unable to resolve the issue.

When contacting RPNow Support during an exam, students should wait until the chat is answered.

  • The wait for support may seem long when undertaking an exam, however, if a student ends the support online chat before being answered or there is no response from the exam taker when the chat is answered a support 'ticket' cannot be issued.
  • It is recommended that the support ticket number is included with any application for special circumstances.

Exam design and permitted materials such as e-textbooks, allowed URLs or online documents, must be considered at the course design stage.

  • Online exams must be designed for the online environment. Face to face exams do not transfer directly to online exams.