Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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4. Post Exam

4.1. Online Final Exams

Processes following an invigilated (RPNow) online exam are similar to those following face to face exams.
  • Mark exam.
  • Complete results entry (results release date Academic calendar, Schedule of Activities).
    • Results Entry Timeline email send by Exams Team to Academic Unit Exam Administrators.
  • Exam reports are sent within 5 days after an exam from RPNow to SAS Exams Team.
  • Exams Team review reports where suspicious activity or potential rules violations have been flagged by RPNow . 
    • Where a suspected breach or incident occurs 'Academic Integrity' policy and procedures is followed (Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual section 9).
    • Where a breach has occured a student's results may need to be amended following investigation by Academic Integrity Officer.
    • Where an incident has occurred an ‘incident report’ is sent the Online Course Facilitator/Course Coordinator for review and investigation.
    • An ‘incident’ is an issue that does not involve academic misconduct eg. no photo ID is shown at ID check or photo ID is unclear and the students ID cannot be verified

The process for incident and breach reports for online exams is the same as face to face exams.