Invigilated (RPNow) Online Exams

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4. Post Exam

4.2. Secondary Assessment

Secondary Assessment Exams

Deferred assessments or special consideration may be granted only once for each course, unless otherwise determined by the Director: Student and Academic Services, and only in cases of unexpected or exceptional circumstances. 
Special consideration cannot be granted for a deferred assessment or exam, or a supplementary assessment or exam (Assessment Policy and Procedure Manual section 7).
  • Online secondary assessment exam created in Moodle at the time of creating online final exam.
  • Secondary assessment exam requirements are entered into the Exam Portal: Online Exam Request (OER) the same time as final exams.
    • This includes the exam name and password.
      • Exam name will include reference to being a secondary assessment to easily identify the exam eg UOFinancial Accounting 2 (SecondaryExamination).

Ensure online invigilation software (RPNow) is accessible

15 minutes prior to the exam start time.

  • Course Co-ordinator or Online Course Facilitator (OCF) 'unhide' previously 'hidden' quiz (exam) in Moodle.
  • Open RPNow and check the Moodle quiz (exam) can be accessed and the password can be inserted.
Course Co-ordinator or Online Course Facilitator (OCF) is available at the start of the exam should students try to contact them for assistance.
  • Always advise students to contact RPnow Support in the first instance.
  • Course Co-ordinator or Online Course Facilitator (OCF) are not required to provide technical support. This will be provided by RPNow and IT Helpdesk.

Post exam processes are the same for secondary assessment exam as for final exams.