LRS & Panopto Help


Panopto allows you to create a recording that can be viewed live from any location. The following video provides an overview the Panopto webcast function including how to:

  • create a webcast URL that can be publicised to viewers in advance of the recording
  • create a webcast name
  • position the recording in your Panopto library
  • set sharing permissions
  • enter a description
  • copy the webcast URL to email participants or add to a learnonline website
  • add a thumbnail image to the webcast shell (for promotional purposes)
  • start the webcast

A user guide is also available on the Panopto Support Website that will show you how to start a webcast on-the-fly and set advanced features. There is also a user guide on Creating a Webcast URL in Advance to step you through the process of creating link for your Webcast that can be sent out before your session commences.