LRS & Panopto Help

Moodle integration

Edit and manage recording

You can launch the Panopto editor from the learnonline course site as well as manage many aspects of the recording and associated folder structure.

  1. Click the Lecture Recordings link in the Course Essentials block.

  1. Click the class link that contains the recorded lecture.

  1. Click Edit Recording and the Panopto editor will open.
    Instructions for editing Panopto video are available in the Edit recording section of this help site.
  2. Click Manage Recording to configure the parameters of an individual recording. You will be able to:
    • Edit the recording name
    • Edit the recording description
    • Edit the thumbnail image
    • Change the recording owner
    • Set download capacity
    • Copy the recording link and embed code
    • Share the video with groups and specific users
    • View quiz results
    • Upload a PDF to the recording
    • Upload caption files
    • Copy a recording
    • Delete a recording
  1. Click Manage Folder to configure the parameters of all recordings contained in the (class) folder. You will be able to:
    • Copy the folder link and embed code
    • Share the folder with groups or specific users
    • Turn podcast feeds on or off
    • Allow viewers to make notes public
    • Email viewers when recordings are available
    • Set download capacity and security
    • Set dates during which the recording is available
    • Change the display order of recordings within the folder

Note: Changing the settings of a recording will override the folder settings for the specific recording.