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Use the Discussion feature


Discussion adds the option to leave feedback or general commentary that is publicly viewable. Choose a session where you'd like to add a discussion. Navigate over to the DiscussionsĀ tab on the left-hand side of the viewer.


Like other content, type into the field below and hit enter

discussion enter

You will see the timestamp of when the discussions were made, along with the associated username. You can edit or delete discussions you have generated. These discussions are public and can be seen by anyone that can view the session normally. Note: Submitting a discussion is only available to logged in users.

Threaded Discussions: When replying to a discussion, Panopto will automatically create a "thread", or a visual grouping of the comment and its replies

Discussion thread

Turning off discussion

  1. Find the video you want to turn off the discussion for and click on Settings
    Discussion Settings
  2. Next to Discussion untick the box 'Allow viewers to post comments' and then close the Settings window
    Turn off discussion