Playford Recording Studio

Before you use the studio...

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View our Tips and Tricks video for ideas and useful information on how you can best use the studio.

Before you use the recording studio make sure you...

  • have booked enough time for your session via the Playford Recording Studio room booking calendar.
  • make an appointment with one of the Health and Clinical Education  team members for training or set aside 15 minutes at the start of your booked time.
  • think about what you want you want to achieve and what you want your audience to learn from the video session.
  • know what you want to say (script your session if necessary).
  • Keep your recordings to shorter snippets of information (no more than 7 minutes if possible).
  • know what presentation style you want to use (lectern, free standing or interview)
  • your PowerPoint presentation should be saved in On-screen Show (16:9) format (you can change the format via the Page Setup icon on the Design tab).
  • have your PowerPoint, image, movie or other media on a usb stick or laptop.
  • have a usb stick that has a high write speed (minimum of 3.0) or you can borrow one of ours.
  • think about what you are going to wear for the recording session (no stripes or green).
  • are present at all times if students or external parties are using the recording studio.
  • make sure any students or external participants have signed a Talent Release Form.
  • be aware that your recording may take some time to upload to Echo 360 if the file size is large.


If you have any questions please contact: Hayley Timms or Anne Lonie.