Playford Recording Studio

Playford Recording Studio Instructions

Please read the Before you use the studio information prior to your session and view the Tips and Tricks video.

1. Slide the door sign to "Recording studio in use".

2.  Load your presentation source:

  • via a USB stick on the resident PC – need to turn on the PC in the top of the rack (press the button) and then log-on via the username and password provided. Details can be found on top of the computer rack. Then load your USB as normal.
  • via a laptop / media source which you can plug in through AV cable, or HDMI cable. Make sure you plug in the mic through VGA if there is audio content in your presentation/media (automatically streamed in HDMI)
  • Find a background on resident PC (Folder on desktop).
  • Or  there is a generic UniSA backdrop available through the touch screen.

3. Touch the screen on either the iPad or the lectern panel to begin.

Welcome to the recording studio

4. Select a presentation style: Lectern, Free standing or Interview, the black image border will turn blue. Select Next Step button.

Select style

 5. Select Presentation behind or Logo behind (one of the three panels below will appear). Select Next Step button.

Select presentation behind   Select presentation behind   Select presentation behind

6. Select the Advanced mode button in the centre of the panel if required, to change the camera angle: pan, tilt or zoom or use the auto-focus. Select Next Step button.

Advanced settings

7. The system will prompt you to plug in your presentation source if you have not already completed this step. Select Next Step button.

Presentation source

8. Attach and turn on the lapel microphone. Select Next Step button.

attach microphone

9. Insert a USB stick into the wall for recording output file. Check that the recording time is sufficient - the panel will show in Green that the USB has been detected . The panel will now show the recording time in hours and minutes that are available on your USB stick (2GB = 30 minutes). Select Next Step button.

Insert usb

10.  Select the Record button to start recording. Wait for the red light above the computer rack to turn red to indicate that the camera is recording. Simultaneously the 'Recording' light above the studio door entrance will also turn red letting others know a recording session is occurring. If you use the Pause button the orange light will indicate that you have paused your recording.


Begin recording

11. When you have finished recording select the Stop button. There is a time lag before recording stops (approx. 15 seconds)

12. WAIT for the recording studio equipment to write your recording to your USB stick. This can take some time depending on the length of your recording.

Saving to usb

13. Once the Done panel appears and the green light has come on next to the usb panel in the wall, you can safely remove your USB stick. DO NOT remove the usb stick until you see the Done panel and the green light.

usb done

14. Select the Shut down button if you have finished your recording session or select the Start another session button to begin another recording session.

shut down


Congratulations, you have now successfully completed your recording session!

15. Please read the information on the door "Before you leave the studio" and make sure all steps have been completed.

For information on editing and uploading your file to the Echo360 Lecture recording system please view the online resource "Uploading your file to Echo360".

You can also upload your file to the UniSA Media Library via your course website.