Playford Recording Studio

Uploading your recording

You can upload your file to the UniSA Media Library or Echo360

To upload to the UniSA Media Library, follow the instructions that can be found here.

If you want to upload to Echo 360 follow the instructions below.

Navigate your way to your course homepage and click on the Manage lecture recordings link in the Course Essentials block.

Course essentials block


Log in to Echo 360 using your University User Name and Password then select Login button.

Login to echo 360

Select the Media Import link at the top left hand side of the screen.

Media import

1. Choose the Term ( Study period or ongoing).

2. Choose the Course.

3. Choose the Section.

4. Enter a Title.

5. Choose Media Type (Audio and Video for Playford Recording Studio file).

6. Select Upload a file button and Browse for your file.

Media import


Your file will then be uploaded and you can view via the progress bar.


Media import


7. Verify Media File information via green ticks.

8. Select Next button.


Media import


9. Choose the Product Group.

10. Select Start Processing button.


choose product


Echo 360 will then process your file and provide you with an email that has direct links to the uploaded file. You can then link to the file or download to edit. For more information on editing your file please see the Echo360 help.