LRS & Panopto Help

Student help resources for the Lecture Recording System and Panopto.

View a video

Download video for offline viewing

This short documentation goes over how to download a session as an MP4 if this has been enabled on your Panopto site. It will also go through creating a offline copy of a video within the Panopto App on a portable device.

Note: If the setting is not available it means that it has been turned off by someone who has creator access to the site.

From your Computer

  1. Open up the session and go to the top right of the window. If available for download, a symbol with an arrow will be available. Click the arrow to download a .mp4 version of the session
    Panopto Download Button

Offline videos in the Panopto App

  1. Log into the Panopto App and located the session you would like to view offline. Press the Download icon.
    Panopto Download from app