Join Meeting

The following Quick guide explains how to join a meeting.

PDF Version of this Quick Guide for UniSA Students Joining Zoom.

Setup your Account

You can setup your account at https://unisa.zoom.us/  

  1. Select sign in using your UniSA username and password. (This step is important to link your account.)
  2. In the left Menu > Check your profile. The date and time should automatically be in sync with your computer’s time zone. If it is incorrect click edit on the right and update.

Virtual Meeting Join Interface

Locate a Zoom Meeting Link

4. Each tutorial or meeting has a unique link. Locate the link in Learnonline or it may have been sent to you by email or in a document. 

Tip: To find the meeting link in Learnonline look for the activity with the ZOOM 

5. Open the link. It will prompt you to open or download the application.

Open Zoom

6. Click the green button to Join with Computer Audio.

audio join image

7. Follow the prompts to allow ZOOM to use your speakers and microphone.  Use the tools to test your speaker and microphone.

8. If you experience delays or stuttering image/voice, your bandwidth may be low, you can adjust video quality or Stop video to use Audio alone.

Problem Solving

It is best to open ZOOM from the meeting link. If you open the App directly from your computer you will need to sign in with SSO and your UniSA email and password. The company domain is unisa.zoom.us.

This will launch the App and load any passwords attached. If the App asks for the meeting password this is found in 

Zoom in Browser is not Recommended

Use the Zoom App for the best experience. Please note if you use the browser option: you may experience audio quality issues and be unable to use interactive tools using the browser method.  Without using both your UniSA credentials and the Zoom App you will be unable to participate Polls or enter breakout rooms.

Video Guide

This video assumes that you are a first time user and need to download the Zoom Software. You can ignore that step if you've already downloaded Zoom.