Set Time Zone

Create your account at https://unisa.zoom.us/ to automatically synchronise its time zone setting with your computer's when you create your Zoom account. This means that Zoom will adjust the time of a scheduled meeting to match your time zone, even if the meeting is scheduled in a different location.

Note: You may need to reset the time zone of your computer and then Zooms time zone if you find that Zoom isn't adjusting a meeting's scheduled time to match the time of your location. 

  • PC users: Click the time on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to access the Change date and time settings link.
  • Mac users: Click the time on the toolbar at the top of the screen to access the Open Date & Time Preferences link.

Once your computers time zone has been changed you need to login to Zoom and complete the following steps: 

  1. Click My Profile and scroll down the page to the Time Zone section.
  2. Click Edit.

  1. Scroll up or down to select the time zone in which you live.
  2. Click Save Changes.