Zoom FAQs

Zoom FAQs

Q - My meeting stops after 30 minutes?

A - To host a meeting for longer than 30 minutes, check you are signed in with your UniSA account and open the settings for that Meeting and adjust the Duration https://unisa.zoom.us/.

Q - The Zoom session, is asking for a password, where do I find it?

- When Zoom session is from Learnonline, launch the App from the link in the course site. OR copy the password displayed on the session page.

A - If you have copied the Zoom meeting ID from Learnonline, copy the password displayed on the session page.

- When opening a session created in the UniSA Zoom portal, check the email or link sent you for a password.

Screenshot of where to find the password

Zoom Audio FAQs

Q - I’m using a headset and can’t hear any audio?

A - Select the arrow next to the microphone icon and make sure headset is the speaker device.

A Check your headset and make sure it doesn’t have a mute button.

A -Try closing the session window and coming back into the session (make sure that you plug in your headset BEFORE connecting to any Zoom session).

QI’m using the computer speakers and can’t hear any audio?

AMake sure your computer’s speaker is not muted.  The speaker icon is in the very bottom right corner of most computers (near the clock) where you can adjust your speaker volume.

QI can hear OK but my microphone isn’t working?

A - Check in controls at the bottom of Zoom that you microphone is not muted.

A Select the arrow next to the microphone icon and make sure you have the headset selected as the microphone device.

QI can hear an echo coming through the computer speakers?

A - This can occur on devices that have an inbuilt microphone.  You will need to mute your microphone for the session and use the Chat panel to communicate (you will still be able to hear).

Q - I want to mute my microphone?

A - Click on the microphone icon at the bottom left of the screen. 

Q - My webcam isn’t working?

A - Make sure that your webcam is started, by clicking on the camera icon on the bottom left of the screen.  

A - Select the arrow next to the camera icon and make sure you have the right webcam selected as the camera device.  

A - Make sure that your webcam doesn’t have cover over the lens.