Zoom Help

Make a Recording

All UniSA students have access to a full Zoom account. This allows you to record yourself or your screen for teaching and learning purposes, such as submitting a video for assessment. 

Before you get started, watch this video on filming yourself speak to check the audio is correct.

To record a video using Zoom

  1. log into your account https://unisa.zoom.us/ and select host a meeting.
  2. It is highly recommended that you download and use the Zoom Desktop App.
  3. Activate your video and consider the lighting, background, and framing.
  4. Open the meeting.
  5. When ready to record, select Record > Record to this computer on the Zoom toolbar (or use the Alt + R shortcut).
  6. Pause (if needed) and stop the recording when completed. (Note this feature is only available when recording to your computer, if you are recording to the cloud pausing restarts the video process.)
  7. Select End meeting for all in the Zoom toolbar. A pop-up box will then ask you where you would like the recording to be saved. Once saved, locate your file (by default it is zoom_0.mp4) and rename it as required.
  8. Locate and upload your recording to your assignment submission location.

 Share a Powerpoint or Screen

Before or whilst recording, use the Share Screen option in the bottom toolbar. Display PowerPoint presentations in full screen or presentation mode for best effect.

Note: chat and polls are not included in the video recording.

Share screen