Check your UniSA sign in

For best performance and to access features you will need both the desktop App and to be signed-in with a UniSA Account.

Using your UniSA account allows you to in Polls and entering breakout rooms. When creating meetings yourself there is no time limit for sessions. Some course coordinators require students to login as a security measure.

Opening a link from Learnonline should open you in Zoom with the correct credentials. If you are already signed-in to the App with a different account, you will still need to sign-out and sign-in with UniSA.

Check Zoom Account and Change to UniSA account

  1. Click on your photo or avatar icon in the top right of the Zoom App
  2. Look at the email address
  3. At the bottom of the menu click Switch Account
  4. Select Sign In with SSO
  5. Type unisa in the domain field and Continue
  6. Sign In with your UniSA email and password

Screenshot of checking login