8. Creating Rules

8.3. Drafting your student’s tailored message

   Tip: The OnTask Rich Content editor does not have a spell check feature, before you send your message to students, proof read your message carefully!

The right-hand side of the rule creation page is where you draft your message to students. Utilising the information in the data matrix, along with the conditions you have created, and any filters you may be using, you can personalise what you want to say and limit it to who you want to send it to.

In the example below, the condition above, ‘First Login’ has been used to remind the students who have not yet logged in to do so and to encourage those who have. This rule also has the previously discussed Student Filter applied so this email is only being sent to those students who are repeating the course.

Click on the ‘Insert condition’ button to insert the following into your message:

RCE insert data

The ‘Insert Condition text here’ can then be replaced by the message you want to send to your students who make your first condition true e.g. they are repeating the course and have logged in. 

drafting message

The above example has a number of elements and rely on the filter and condition discussed in 7.1 Add Student Filter and 7.2 Add New Conditions:

  • Part a is used to insert any data from the data matrix into your message to students.
  • Part b is where the condition is incorporated into the message. You can include multiple conditions in a given rule.
  • Part c is where you save your rule.
  • Part d is where you can test sending your message without emailing the students.
  • Part e is the final step, where the rule is active, and will send the message to the students if they match the set cohort and conditions.