Create/Copy a course site

Copy a Course Website (new process)

Select copy a learnonline website

From the Task List select Copy a learnonline website.

The existing copy previous course website screen will be displayed.

Select site creator from banner

You can choose to use the new  course creation process by clicking on the new trial version banner.

Select the course you wish to copy from

Complete the required sections:

A. Select the offering you wish to have attached to the new course page.

B. Select the course you wish to have copied into the new iteration. Note: Select (View) to preview the last taught version of the Course website.

C. Select the course start date.

  • Select Next.


Confirm the details are correct and confirm with Create Course. Use Back to return to the previous screen and make any corrections.


The Course Site Result page is displayed. You will receive an email when the copy process is complete.

A. You have the opportunity to provide feedback on the new process.