Create/Copy a course site

Create a Course website (old process)

The learnonline Course Creation window will display.

Select Offering(s)

  1. Select the course offering(s) to be associated with this course.
    Note: Selected offerings will be combined on the same course website.
  2. Select Next.

The window will refresh.

Select weekly or topic format

  1. Select Weekly or Topic format

If Topic format selected

select the number of topics

  1. Select the number of topics to create
  2. Select Next

If Weekly format selected

Select the start dates of the first and last week

  1. Select the start dates of the first and last week
  2. Select Next.

 Select create

  • Select Create

The link to your site

A. The confirmation screen is displayed and has the link to your new site
Note: the process take a few seconds.

B. Select Close

A link to the new course website will display in the Staff Portal when the copy process is complete.

 Select the Course website link

  • Select the learnonline resource link to access the course website.