Course Outline

Course Outline Overview

Example Course OutlineThe Course Outline provides students with all information about undertaking the course in which they have enrolled.

Requirements of Course Outline:

  • Course outlines are an Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) requirement.
  • A course outline is required for all onshore and offshore courses. It must be created for each course offering using the web-based Course Outline application, and made available online before the first day of teaching in the course. APPM 2.1.1
  • The majority of data is automatically populated in the Course Outline from the Program and Course Management System (PCMS).

Benefits of Course Outline:

  • Simple and easy to use with 'wizard' functionality.
  • Provides a consistent look.
  • Compliance with policy requirements.
  • Pre-filled data.
  • Previous course outlines can be copied to a new study period.
  • Published course outlines can be accessed via a link in the Course Essestials block of the correlating learnonline course website.