Course Outline


The Course Outline will open the Introduction folder and display the Welcome section.




  1. Enter the Welcome text.
  2. Select Save.

The link to the Welcome section in the navigation frame will change to a green tick.

Select Course Teaching Staff

  • Select Course Teaching Staff.

The Course Teaching Staff section will open:

Introduction-Course Teaching Staff

  1. Select the check box(s) for teaching staff to Include in Course Outline.
  2. Select the check box for the staff member Preferred to be listed at the top of the section.
    Note: Only select one check box.
  3. Select the role of the teaching staff from the dropdown.
    Note: The roles of Teaching Staff must match staff members' contracts.
  4. Select Save.
    Note: Refresh is only used to update added/amended teaching staff data from PCMS.

Select School Contact Details

  • Select Select School Contact Details.

Introduction/School Contact Details

  1. Select the required check box(s) for the School contact details you want to include in the Course Outline.
  2. Select Save.
    Note: Course Outline uses data in OCAM (Org Contact and Address Maintenance) System. This database must be updated if School details are incorrect.