Course Outline

Course Overview

The Course Overview folder contains the following Review-only sections.

  • Prerequisites
  • Corequisites
  • Course Aim
  • Course Objectives
  • Graduate Qualities
  • Course Content
  • Teaching and Learning Arrangements
  • Unit Value
  • Additional Assessment Requirements
  • Placement Information
  • OHS&W
  • Further Course Information

It is recommended you review each section as you progress through the Course Outline.

Note: In some instances, a text box will display allowing you to include additional information.

Editable sections of Course Overview.

Select Course Aim

  • Select Course Aim.


Course Aim

  1. Select the check box if you want to include the Course Aim in the Course Outline.
    Leave the checkbox unselected if you do not want to include the Course Aim in the Course Outline.
  2. Select Confirm.


Select Placement Information

  • Select Placement Information.

Confirm Placement Informatio

  • Select Confirm.
    Note: If the course includes a placement (according to the information in the Program and Course Management System) this section will appear as a textbox in which you can enter placement information. If the course does not include a placement you just need to confirm the "No information will be displayed to the student regarding Placement information" message.

Select OHS&W

  • Select OHS&W.



  1. Select the check box to include any course relevant Occupational Health Safety &Welfare information.
  2. Enter text.
  3. Select Save.


Select Further Course Information

  • Select Further Course Information.

In this section you can add information about the course that doesn't fit in any other section of the Course Outline:

Further Course Information

  1. Select the check box to include Further Course Information.
  2. Enter text.
  3. Select Save.