Course Outline


It is recommended you check the following Review-only sections:

  • Assessment Details
  • Use of Recorded Materials
  • Negotiated Assessment Methods
  • Additional Exam Information
  • Invigilated Online Exams - Additional Information
  • Important Information about all Assessments
  • Students with Disabilities or Medical Conditions
  • Variations to Assessment Tasks
  • Marking Process
  • Academic Integrity
  • Further Assessment Information
  • Unplanned learnonline Outage

Editable sections of Assessment
are simple screens with basic functions such as enter text and save or, select an option and confirm.

Help for the editable section, Assessment Summary, is provided below as this section is more complex.

Select Assessment Summary

  • Select Assessment Summary

Move assessment item

The Assessment Summary window will open displaying the assessment items.

You can modify the order of the assessment items:

  • Select the down arrow icon to Move Assessments down
  • Select the up arrow icon to Move Assessments up

Once the assessment items are in the correct order you are ready to begin entering assessment item information


Edit assessment item

  • Select the spanner Edit icon for the first assessment item


Unsplit assessment

  1. Select No for sub-activities
  2. Select Step 2> button

Note: If you want to select Yes to split this assessment into sub-activities use the following instructions:


Assessment summary

The page will refresh

  1. Under Activity name type the activity into the field (for example Assignment 1)
  2. Either select the Due Date, OR
  3. Select Other and type into field (for example 'TBA')
  4. Type Time Due into field
  5. Select Submit via checkbox, OR
  6. Select Other and type description into field (for example 'TBA')
  7. Select Save activity button


Assessment summary

  1. Type a description into the text box
  2. Select Step 4 > button


 Save assessment

  • Select the Save button


  • Check the Complete column displays a green tick.

Note: Continue to edit each Assessment item until all are complete


  • Once all assessment information has been entered select Confirm