Course Outline

Course Calendar

The final section of the Course Outline is the Calendar:

Select Course Calendar table

  • Select Course Calendar table.

You will use a multi-step wizard to create a course calendar.

Select Start

  • Select Start to start the wizard.

Step 1:

Step 1 Select Yes or No

  • Select Yes where teaching weeks coincide exactly with formal study period weeks
    Select No to enter an alternative teaching period.


Selecting Yes will display the following windows.

Add additional weeks

A. Select Add a week to start to commence teaching period early.
B. Select Add a week to end to finish teaching period later.
C. Select Step 2>.

Step 2:

Select the first teaching week

  1. Select a radio button corresponding with the first teaching week.
  2. Select Step 3>.

Step 3:

Select Non-teaching weeks

  1. Select a purpose from the drop-down menu for each non-teaching week.
  2. Select Step4>.

Step 4:

Select additional columns

  1. Select a check box for each additional column required.
    Note: You can provide your own named column by re-naming the Comments column.
  2. Select Step 5>.

Step 5:

Edit information

  1. Select the spanner edit icon for each area to add information.
  2. Select Step 6>.

Step 6:

Enter text

  1. Enter text.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Select Step 6>.


Select Confirm

  • When you have finished your calender select Confirm.
    Note: Once you have confirmed the calendar you will be able to re-edit it. If you do not confirm the calendar you could lose any efforts you have put into creating the calendar.

The next step is to publish the Course Outline


Selecting No will display the following windows.

Set teaching period

  1. Enter actual teaching period.
  2. Select Step 2>.