Course Site Basics

Change website format

Grid format

The grid format provides a framework to add image icons which can then be used as a basis of navigating to each section in the site. Clicking the image or associated text will display that section only  in a pop-up window providing an easy way of navigating the site without having to scroll down a long page to access each section.  See example below.

Grid Format Icon Creator

The learnonline team has created an application that helps you to easily create icons with customised text images and colour for insertion into the Grid Format.

Grid layout example

To navigate a course with grid layout, select the grid block you wish to navigate to and the only the corresponding section will display.

Navigation of grid layout

When navigating grid menu, content is loaded in a small sub window that can be dismissed with the close icon.

To edit a course with grid layout, select Turn editing on, each section will need to be edited individually.  Once editing is turned off, the grid layout will display.

Edit grid layout

To edit your grid menu, select turn editing on;

A.  To change the image used in the grid menu, select the Change image option and upload your preferred image.

B.  To change the title of the grid menu, navigate to the section setting cog and change the section name.