Mobile devices and ePortfolio

You can upload content from a mobile device to your ePortfolio using an app.

For android users the app is called MaharaDroidDownload via Google Play

For apple users the app is called PortfolioUPDownload via iTunes

Please check these websites for terms, conditions and minimum operating requirements.

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to edit the settings on your mobile device and in your ePortfolio.  Follow the instructions for set up below according to your device.

Set up 

On your mobile device, open the MaharaDroid app and go to Preferences, or for the PortfolioUP app go to Settings (the same way you would edit settings for any app)

Edit the following fields:

  • Android

Mahara base URL: https://ep.unisa.edu.au

Upload URL /api/mobile/upload.php

  • Apple

URL https://ep.unisa.edu.au/api/mobile/upload.php

  • Username - enter your student user name that you would normally log on with
  • Token - this is your "password" but it can be different or the same as your normal log on password
    Note: This token will be automatically changed on each upload but you only need to enter it once. This token will need to be added to your settings in ePortfolio (see next step)
  • Edit the remaining settings according to your own preferences.



Open ePortfolio and edit the following settings:

Select Settings (top right corner).  The following window will display.

  1. In the field called Mobile upload token enter exactly the same word you used above for the token on your mobile device.
  2. Select Save.

Your mobile device is now connected to your ePortfolio.

When you take a picture or video you will get a option on your phone to share it.  You will be presented with a list of options on how you want to share it depending on the phone you use. One of the options is the MaharaDroid or PortfolioUp apps. When selected you will be taken to Artefact Settings. This is where you can add a title to your file. Once completed, you can upload your file to your ePortfolio file section. If you are not in a Wifi spot you can save the file then upload it from MaharaDroid at a later date.