Files - Folder management

A suitably organised filing structure will help you retrieve artefacts to add to portfolio pages.  You may create any number of folders or sub folders.  Use the following resources to help manage a suitable file structure.

Files are accessed from the Content tab.

  1. Select Content.
  2. Select Files.

Create a folder

  1. Enter the folder name.
  2. Select Create folder.

The new folder will display.

Change the order in which folders display

Folders automatically display in alphabetical order.  You can manage the order in which they display by naming folders accordingly, for example:

  • 0. Graded assignments
  • 1. Exam notes

In this example, the numbers placed at the start of the folder name determine the order.

Move a folder

To view which sub folders and files sit within a folder, click on the folder name. Use the Home link to return to the top level folder directory. You can move files and folders by dragging and dropping the icon in front of the file / folder name onto another folder icon.

The folders named viewfiles and images are automatically created The viewfiles folder includes files from imported pages whereas the images folder includes your uploaded profile pictures. You can move them out of this folder and store them in a different folder.

If you want to move a file or folder out of a sub folder, move it onto the parent folder icon parentfolder.

Links to files and folders which have been added to portfolio pages are maintained even if they are moved in the file structure. Renaming files and folders will not affect links in portfolio pages either.