Virtual Classroom

Connecting Host audio, microphone and video

Connecting Host audio, microphone and video

Connection Host audio

Choose Audio setup Wizard

  • Enter the virtual classroom.
  • In the Meeting menu select Audio Setup Wizard.

Audio set up wizard

  1. Install add-in if required.
  2. Select Next button.

Play sound in audio set up wizard

  1. Select Play Sound button (you should hear music).
  2. Select Next button.

Select audion device

  1. Select a default device (your headset).
  2. Select Next button.

Select record

  1. Select Record button and record a short message.

Select stop button

2.  Select Stop button to stop recording message.

Play recording

3.  Select Play Recording button to hear your recorded message.

If you can't hear your recording you can contact the IT Helpdesk on 25000 for assistance. For other Virtual Classroom related enquiries, contact the Learnonline Helpdesk on 20900.

Stop Playing

4.  Select Stop Playing button to stop play.

5.  Select Next button.

Test silence

1.  Select Test Silence button.

Stop test silence level

2.  Select Stop button.

3.  Select Next button.

audio setup successful

The Audio Setup Successful message will appear displaying headset information.

  • Select Finish button.

Connect microphone

Connecting Host microphone

  • Select Connect My Audio in the Microphone icon dropdown menu.

Microphone menu options

  • Your microphone will be now be connected and icon will be greeen.
  • You can change the microphone settings using the dropdown menu.

Connecting Host video

Start webcam

Select Start My Webcam from the Video icon dropdown menu.

Your webcam will now be connected.