Virtual Classroom

Creating a poll

Select Discussion

Access a Poll by either; selecting the Discussion layout, OR, following the steps in Adding a new pod.

Use Poll

Next, to create the Poll.

  1. Select the type of poll.
    For this example we will be using a multiple choice question.
  2. Enter the Question you wish to ask.
  3. Enter the Answers that are available to students. In a multiple choice type, each line with text on it is a different option for the students to choose from.
  4. Select Open to make the poll available to students.


Manage Poll

A. Select Prepare to return to the previous step. (This will close the poll to students)
B. Select View Votes to see the which student gave which answer.
C. Tick Broadcast Results to show the students the results of the poll.
D. Select Close to disallow voting. You can then select Reopen to allow voting again.


Changing Polls

Change a poll

  1. Select the drop down Menu


A.   Select New Poll to start a new poll from the beginning.
B.   Select Select Poll to choose from polls you have previously created in this Virtual Classroom.