Virtual Classroom

Creating breakout rooms

  • Breakout Rooms split your class into groups, each with their own space to work in and communicate.

Enter Breakout Room Mode

  • First, select the breakout room icon to bring up the breakout room options.


Breakout Room Options

Below are the main breakout room options.

A) Select this to Start Breakouts.
B) Select this to automatically split your students into breakout rooms. This process is randomized.
C) Select this to add a breakout room.
D) Select this to remove a breakout room.


Moving participants to breakout rooms.

move participants

  1. Hover over a participants name.
  2. Select the Breakout room you want to move them to that room.


Starting Breakout Rooms

Start Breakouts

  • Select Start Breakouts
  • You can then monitor different breakout rooms by hovering over your own name and selecting the breakout you wish to monitor.
  • Another way to move participants(and yourself) to breakout rooms, is simply to select their name and drag them to it.