Online Moderation

University Program and Course staff are responsible for monitoring and facilitating the academic goals of activities such as online discussion forums, while ensuring that participants are abiding by the netiquette guidelines for ethical, courteous and respectful behaviour.

A staff member may be an active participant of an online discussion board or forum (using posts to add comments, answer or pose questions, suggest new topics for discussion or to correct misinformation). At other times, course staff may take a less visible role, taking a back seat to student discussion and collaborative activities.

In either case, a course staff member will act as a moderator, to ensure that discussion meets the University’s Code of Conduct for Students and Guidelines for Students on Use of IT Facilities.

The role of the moderator is to:

  • Hide or delete posts that are in breach of the University’s Guidelines for Students on Use of IT Facilities, including any material that is in breach of copyright, infringes on the privacy of others, is libellous or defamatory, or otherwise likely to hurt others and affront relevant community standards of debate and dialogue.
  • Inform discussion board participants that such statements are not permitted.
  • Promptly investigate and respond to complaints.
  • Model good behaviour for students as to the appropriate style of interchange and discussion.
  • Encourage all those who post to the discussion board to demonstrate that they understand and abide by the conventions of respectful and robust public dialogue, debate and critique.