Blogs are a form of online journal consisting of a series of postings, generally made by one user. Within learnonline, every person with a user account receives a blog.


Select Name

First, select your name in the top right corner of any learnonline page.

Add a new entry

From here, select "Add a new entry" under the Navigation pane.

You can then enter your

  • Entry title - The name of your blog posting
  • Blog entry body - Your main text goes here
  • Attachment - If you need to attach any files
  • Publish to - Who do you want to be able to see your blog?
    • Anyone on this site - Any learnonline user can see your blog posting
    • Myself (draft) - Only you, and learnonline administrators, can see this posting
  • Tags - Keywords about your blog that others will be able to use to search for it

View, edit, or delete a blog

Click the Title, Edit or Delete

        A) Select the title to view your blog posting.
        B) Select Edit to make changes to your post.
        C) Select Delete to remove your blog posting,