A forum is an online discussion.  Conversations in forums start with one person posting a comment or question. This is referred to in learnonline as a topic. A discussion topic could be a comment, question, or a topic to be used as the starting point for discussion.

Once a discussion topic has been added anyone who is allowed can submit replies to that topic. Comments and questions submitted within forums are referred to as ‘posts’.

You don’t need to be online at the same time as your lecturer or fellow students when using forums.

Create new topic

Add new topic

  • Select Add a new discussion topic
  • The page will refresh
  • Enter your
    • Subject
    • Message
    • Subscription - Choose whether you want email notifications of updates to the forum
    • Attachment
  • Select Post to forum

View and reply to a topic

View a topic

  • Select the topic title to view the discussion.

Reply to a topic

  • Select Reply

Search Forums and Forum Subscription

Search and Subscribe

    A) Enter text into the field and press Search forums to perform a search on all forums within the course
    B) Select Subscribe to this forum to receive email notifications of new posts and replies to the forum