Online quizzes are sets of questions that can take a variety of forms and may be designed for a number of purposes:

  • to help you focus on key aspects of a certain topic
  • to test your knowledge and understanding of a topic
  • as part of the assessment schedule of a course

In some quizzes the questions and answers may be shuffled for each student and it is also possible that questions are randomly taken from a database, so that no-one will have exactly the same quiz. These features can come combined with a floating timer that limits your access to the quiz, as well as with password unlocking.

Question Types

The different question types are:

True/False questions display a statement and ask you to decide whether that statement is true or false.



Multiple Choice questions ask you to select the circle adjacent to the answer you consider to be most correct.
Note: When more than one answer is allowed select the check boxes instead.

Multiple Choice


Essay questions require a free-text answer.



Matching questions require you to match answers from two list together.



Short answer questions provides spaces for you to provide possible answers.

Short Answer


Numerical questions require a numerical answer.



Continue or re-attempt a quiz

Where quiz settings selected by your Course Coordinator permits you may be able to either:


Select a Quiz

  • Select the link to the Quiz on the course site.


Continue a quiz

Continue last attempt

  • Select Continue the last attempt.


Re-attempt a quiz

Re-attempt quiz

  • Select Re-attempt quiz.


View Results

If enabled by your Course Coordinator you may be able to view the results of your quiz attempt.

Select a Quiz

  • Select the link to the Quiz on the course site.


Select your mark

  • Select the numerical value for the mark awarded.


Review attempt

     A)  Information regarding your attempt at the quiz.
     B)  Choose either page numbers or
Select Show all questions on one page


Review summary

     A)  Feedback on each question.
     B)  Finish review.

Answer a quiz

Select a Quiz

  • Select the link to the Quiz on the course site.


Select Attempt Quiz now

  • Select Attempt quiz now.


Answer each question

A) Select your answer
B) Select Next
C) Change questions by selecting the number
D) Selecting finish attempt will take you to the quiz summary.


Attempt Summary

A) Return to a question
B) Confirm that you have answered all questions
C) Select Submit all and finish to submit your quiz answers.


  • Select Submit all and finish on the confirmation screen