This book covers:
Uploading a file, submitting an Online TextAssignment CoversheetsTurnitin similarity reports, and Gradebook

Submit assignment file

Submitting ePortfolio Assessment

An assessment may require you to submit a Page or a Collection from your ePortfolio.

A Collection is a group of ePortfolio pages you add together so they can easily be shared.

There is a help resource on creating pages if you are starting from scratch.

Before submitting your ePortfolio Collection

A Page or Collection submitted for assessment will be locked down and cannot be edited after submission.

To continue developing or sharing the Page or Collection you should make a copy before submission.

Submitting your ePortfolio Collection

Once your Page or Collection is complete it can be submitted via the learnonline course site.

  1. Click Assessment.
  2. Click Assignments.

  3. Click the assignment that you want to submit.

  4. Click the Add submission button.

  5. Click the checkbox to agree to the Declaration of Originality.

  6. Select the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Page or Collection to be submitted.

  8. Click the Save changes button.