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Request an extension

How to Request an Extension to an Essay or Quiz

  1. From the Course Essentials block click on Extensions
    Select Extensions
  2. Select the activity name from the drop down field
    Select the activity
  3. Click on Request Extension
    Request Extension
  4. Enter the Reason for Extension
  5. Upload any Supporting Documentation, if relevant (e.g. sick certificate)
  6. Select a Date or Time Limit extension (time limits only apply to quizzes)
  7. Enter the Date or Time limit extension you wish to request (please note this can be altered by the staff member approving the extension)
  8. Select the staff member to send the extension to from the drop down list
  9. Click on Request extension. You will receive a notification for your request. Once approved/denied you will receive further notification.
    Extension Request form

Please Note: submitting an extension request does not automatically grant your extension. You will receive further notifcation from your lecturer about the status of your request.