Submit assignment file

Request an extension

Navigate to your course site

select extensions

In the Administration menu,

  1. Click on the Extensions folder to expand it
  2. Select Request Extension

The Extensions request page is displayed

Select Assessment item

  1. From the drop-down menu, select the Assessment you wish to request an extension for
  2. Click Request Extension

Note: The Current Extension Request section displays the status of any existing requests

The New Extension Request page is displayed

  1. Enter the reason for your request
  2. Upload any supporting documentation
  3. Select the due date you want for this assessment item
    Note: The staff member you send your request to may change this date.
  4. Select the staff member to send your request to
  5. Click Request Extension

The Extension request page is displayed with your request displayed in the Current Extension Request section.

You will receive email notification when your request has been processed.