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Unsupervised Online Exams

Important Notice

Exams impacted by COVID-19: Please note unless specified you do not need to use the RPNow Proctoring Software. For information unsupervised online exams, please go to your course site in learnonline.  Information is also available in the Assessment and Examinations section on the Campus Central COVID-19 FAQ page.

Find Details on your Exams

There will be information in each of your course sites about the date time and requirements for your exam.

General Information

You can choose the location of where you do the exam. This may be at your home, another suitable venue or you can complete your exam on campus. Make sure the venue is quiet, well-lit and ventilated.

If you choose to come to campus you have the options below. Please note that on-campus spaces will not be supervised. If you choose to come on campus, you are encouraged to arrive an hour before your exam is due to start to locate a space and get set up.

  • Computer pools/barns at each campus (not bookable).
  • Designated quiet spaces in metropolitan campus libraries during the exam period (not bookable).
  • A limited number of study rooms are available at each metropolitan campus and at Whyalla, and can be booked here.
  • Maximum booking periods for study rooms will be extended to 4 hours to accommodate exams.
  • Spaces at the Mount Gambier campus can be booked by contacting

Testing your computer

It is important that you test your computer and internet access before you attempt the Practice Exam. Use the link below to do the test on the computer you will use during the actual exam and preferably in the location you will do the actual exam.

Here is the link

Practice Exam

There will be a practice Exam in your course site. We want to ensure you have every opportunity to let us know if there any issues during the Practice Exam so we can address them before the actual exam. This is not a revision exam. It is a practice run to familiarise you with the actual exam so you know what to expect and can identify any technical issues.

Important: Please do the Practice Exam in the same location and with the same device (e.g. laptop) that you plan to do the actual exam. This will ensure you have fully tested both the environment and equipment you will have for the actual exam.

If you have any technical difficulties (e.g. with your laptop) during the Practice Exam contact the IT Help Desk directly. Let me know by email if you have any other questions or issues.

The Practice Exam can be attempted as many times as you like but remember that the actual exam will only allow one attempt.

Student Checklist for Online Exams

Exam preparation 

  • Check the Start Date and Time, the End Date and Time, and the Duration of your Exam. The Duration means the number of hours you have to complete the exam.
  • If you have an Access Plan, you may have an extended timeframe over which to complete your exam submission. You can confirm this with SEU Access and Inclusion at
  • Not in South Australia? All exam times are scheduled in Adelaide time so if you’re in a different time zone be sure to check the converted time for where you will be doing your exam.
  • Checked the location where you will do your exam is suitable – quiet, well-lit and ventilated.
  • Coming to campus to do your exam? Aim to arrive one hour before the Start Time to locate a suitable space and get set up in the Library, a computer barn or a bookable study room.
  • You have done the Internet speed test on the laptop, and in the location, where you will do your exam -
  • Written down/save your Course Coordinator’s email.
  • Written down/save your relevant IT Help Desk number
    • Local: (08) 8302 5000
    • Interstate & Country: 1300 558 654 (cost of a local call)
    • International: (+61 8) 8302 5000 (we can call you back to minimise your call costs)
  • Get ready with everything you need to have with you to complete the exam.
  • Do the practice exam.
  • Prepare early if you would like to download library materials as part of your revision of course content, as some library e-textbooks are subject to concurrent user limits.
  • Here is some additional help if your exam is an online quiz.

You are advised to be ready to log into your learnonline course site 15-20 minutes before the start of the exam to ensure your computer and internet access are operating and you are ready to open the link to the exam.

Useful tips to help during your online exam

You can print this page and refer to it during the exam. 

  • Make sure you log in to learnonline at least 15 minutes before the exam scheduled start time.
  • Keep your student email open in a separate browser window throughout your exam. This is how your Course Coordinator will contact you if necessary.
  • There is a timer in the quiz so you know how much time you have left.
  • A progress bar will show you which questions you have answered.
  • You can flag a question so you can come back to it later.
  • Your answers will be auto-saved every two minutes.
  • If you lose connection to the online exam quiz you can re-enter the quiz and continue answering questions up to the time the exam finishes.
  • If you have an extended connectivity issue, please call the IT Help Desk.
  • If you have a question about the exam, or a specific question in the exam, please email your Course Coordinator.
  • You can go back and change your answer to any question up to the time the exam finishes.
  • You will see a summary of your answers at the end of the exam so you can check you have answered everything you can.
  • When you are ready to finish select the Submit all and finish button. This button will then display again to make sure you are ready to finish. You will not be able to re-enter the exam after this.

All exams are individual assessments. You are not permitted to seek assistance or discuss any questions with another person throughout the duration of your exam.

See Campus Central for more support