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Turnitin similarity report

Turnitin is an online tool used to promote an understanding of academic integrity. Turnitin is Web based, there's no software to download and you can access your Turnitin report after your have submitted an assignment.

Text based assignments are automatically submitted to Turnitin when uploaded from a learnonline course site and compared with millions of other documents in the Turnitin database and on the Internet.  A colour-coded similarity report is generated which summarises any matched text. Every assignment submitted is stored in the Turnitin database for comparison with future assignment submissions.

After submitting your assignment the Turnitin Similarity Report will be created and visible as a link in the same screen where you originally submitted your assignment. Please be aware that it may take up to 24 hours (48 hours for additional submissions) for a report to be generated.

When submitting your assignment additional time(s), you need to ensure you DO NOT change the file name or you will incur a 100% similarity report.

NOTE: First submission can take up to a minimum of 24 hours to return a report. Additional submissions can take up to a minimum of 48 hours. Waiting on a similarity report will not change your submission time.

  1. Click the Similarity button to open the report.

If you need help learning how to interpret the Similarity Report see Viewing an Originality Report