The ELILT framework

Overview of the ELILT Framework

The English Language and Intercultural Learning and Teaching (ELILT) Framework aims to outline the best conditions in which all students can develop and strengthen their academic use of English and develop or extend their intercultural capabilities in learning. 

The Framework articulates the kind of ELILT environment that UniSA aspires to create, and identifies the resources required to assist in its establishment, including principles, policies, processes, staff development, and research activities.

The ELILT Framework articulates nine principal approaches that can be employed at course, program and university level to systematically scaffold the development of all students' language, literacies and intercultural learning.

Download the ELILT Framework (full document, pdf doc, 514 KB)

Download the executive summary for the first phase of research (word doc, 40 KB)

Download the executive summary for the second phase of research (word doc, 33 KB)

Download the executive summary for the third phase of research (word doc, 66 KB)