Add an assessment

Add or edit summative assessments

To make an assessment summative on the learnonline course site, it must first be linked to the published Course Outline.  This does not happen automatically.

Courses copied over from a previous study period may display assessment links already.  These can be re-used for the current study period; but, they will not be summative until they are linked to the current Course Outline.  Courses created with new blank learnonline sites will need to have assessments added from scratch, see Add an Assignment


Make an assessment summative

.Turn editing on

  • Select Turn editing on.


Select edit icon

  • Select the Edit settings tool for the assessment which is to be made summative.


Modify assessment method

  • Select Modify Assessment method.


Select offerings

  • Select the check box(s) for each offering where the assessment is the same.

  • If the assessment is non graded, no weighting will display.


Proceed to settings

  • Select Proceed to settings.


Note: There are many new settings and generally only the following settings require attention.  All other settings have the correct defaults.  Advice on changing these defaults and using additional settings can be found in the Table of Contents on the right.


Name description and dates

  1. Assignment name will default from the Course Outline.
  2. Enter assessment instructions in Description.
  3. Select the date/time for Allow submissions from.
  4. The Due date will default from Course Outline and cannot be changed.
    Note: If "Other" entered in the Course Outline the date can be changed.


  1. Select the type of assessment; Mahara (ePortfolio), File submissions (upload a file) Online text (exam / presentation)
  2. If you have selected to include a File submission, you may define the number of files allowed.
  3. If you have selected to include a File submission, you may define the size of files allowed.
  4. If you have selected to include online text you may define the word count limit.

  1. Select Grade.
  2. Type a number to represent the maximum mark from 1-100.


Advanced settings

  1. Select Advanced options.
  2. Under Choose Extension Approvers select a name from Available Options.
  3. Select the left-arrow to move the name to Selected Options.
  4. Select Save and return to course.