Discipline Specific Resources

8. Clinical Exercise Physiology

The below documents are provided to assist Clinical Exercise Physiology student supervisors in assigning a grade to their student/s during placement and to make site supervisors aware that an induction is required with students during the first week of placement. 

Additional input that is required from site supervisors includes the signing of digital student reflective journals, oversite of student self-evaluation, and a single case study requiring students to attain some supervisor feedback on a piece of work. It is the responsibility of the Clinical Exercise Physiology student to make the site supervisor aware of and to provide the site supervisor with these pieces in a timely manner to allow the site supervisor time to complete a brief review and critique of the students work/sign relevant documents.

 It is not the site supervisors responsibility to pursue the student in regards to assessment pieces.  

 If a site supervisor has an pressing concerns regarding student performance/any other practicum related concerns they are encouraged to contact practicum coordinator.  Please refer to the email from the Clinical Placement Unit (CPU) for latest contact details.