Editing Tools

Add a Table

Before you start

When creating a table ensure that you:

  • Provide a table summary
  • Create a header cell
  • Set the table width as a percentage of the page (instead of a fixed pixel width)

Insert table

  1. Select where the table is to be inserted.
  2. Select the Inserts a new table icon.

Table - General properties

  1. Enter the number of columns.
  2. Enter the number of rows.
  3. Enter the cell padding if required.
  4. Enter the cell spacing if required.
  5. Select the table alignment if required.
  6. Enter the border width (in pixels) if required.
  7. Enter the table width if required.
    Note: It is suggested the table width be specified as a percentage of the page (rather than in pixels).
  8. Enter the table height (in pixels) if required.

Select Advanced

  • Selected Advanced.

Advanced tab

  1. Enter a description.
  2. Select a background image if required.
  3. Select the border colour if required.
  4. Select the table background colour if required.
  5. Select Insert.

Complete table and save

  1. Enter content.
  2. Select Save changes.