This Book Covers:
DashboardContentPortfolio, and Groups



ePorfolio allows you to change a number of settings. Preferences settings contain the general account settings which are explained below. 

  1. To change your ePortfolio settings click on the down arrow next to your profile image. 
  2. Select Settings to see all setting options.
  3. Select Preferences to see general account options.

General account options 

  1. Select a Friends control option to determine whether and how other users can add you to their friend list.
  2. Select whether you wish to use the HTML editor. The HTML editor is the easiest way to edit text. 
  3. Select whether you wish to Disable email and not get notifications sent to you. 
  4. Select a Messages from other people option to determine who you would like to receive messages from. 
  5. Select whether you wish to keep more than one journal. By default you have one journal. 
  6. Define the maximum number of tags to display when you are you pages and collections area. 
  7. Define the maximum number of groups to display in the "my groups" block. 
  8. Select how you want to sort groups. 
  9. Define labels to only display groups with that label.  
  10. Select whether you want information about how to use ePortfolio to display on the dashboard. 
  11. Select whether you wish to display a confirmation before changing the layout of a page.
  12. Select whether you wish to create and edit pages with a screen reader.
  13. Click Save to apply your changes.