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To create an ePortfolio résumé

  1. Click the hamburger icon. 
  2. Select Create from the drop down. 
  3. Select Resume from the options. 


  1. Select Introduction from the top bar. 
  2. Enter your date of birth if desired.
  3. Enter your place of birth if desired.
  4. Enter your Citizenship status if desired.
  5. Enter your Visa status if desired.
  6. Select your gender if desired.
  7. Enter your Martial status if desired.
  8. Select Save.

Education and employment

  1. Select Education and employment from the top bar. 
  2. Click Add to enter your Education history.
  3. Click Add to enter your Employment history.


  1. Select Achievements from the top bar. 
  2. Select Add to enter your Certifications, accreditations and awards.
  3. Select Add to enter your Books and publications.
  4. Select Add to enter your Professional memberships.

Goals and Skills

  1. Select Goals and skills from the top bar. 
  2. Select Edit to enter your Personal goals.
  3. Select Edit to enter your Academic goals.
  4. Select Edit to enter your Career goals.
  5. Select Edit to enter your Personal skills.
  6. Select Edit to enter your Academic skills.
  7. Select Edit to enter your Work skills.


  1. Select Interests from the top bar. 
  2. Click on Edit to enter your interests.