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To access and edit your ePortfolio profile

  1. Click on the down arrow next to your profile image. 
  2. Select Profile from the drop down menu. 

About me

  1. Enter your first name.
  2. Enter your display name. This name will be displayed instead of your full name provided above. 
  3. Enter an introduction. The introduction will be displayed on your profile page. 
  4. Click Save profile to have save changes. 

Contact information

  1. Add an additional email address if required.
  2. Enter an official website address if required.
  3. Enter your personal website address if required.
  4. Enter your Blog address.
  5. Enter a Postal address if required.
  6. Enter your Town.
  7. Enter your City or region. 
  8. Select your Country from the drop down if it differs to Australia
  9. Enter your Home phone.
  10. Enter your Business phone.
  11. Enter your Mobile phone.
  12. Enter your Fax number.
  13. Click Save profile to save changes. 

Social media 

To add a social media account to your ePortfolio 

  1. Click the New social media account button

  2. Select the social network type of your social media account from the drop down. 
  3. Enter your URL or username.
  4. Click Save.  


To edit the general profile details

  1. Enter your occupation. 
  2. Enter your industry. 
  3. Click Save profile.