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Create Groups

To create a group

  1. Click on the hamburger icon. 
  2. Select Engage from the drop down. 
  3. Select Groups from the options. 

  4. Click on Create group

  5. Provide the group name. 
  6. Provide a group description if desired. 
  7. Select if people can join the group without the approval from the group admin. 
  8. Select if people can send join requests to the group admin. 
  9. Select if group members can send invitations to their friends. 
  10. Select if you would like to have a button on the group homepage that allows group members to recommend friends to join this group. 
  11. Select which group members are able to create and edit content. 
  12. Select if you would like the group admin to see a participation report. 
  13. Select the date from when group member can edit content. 
  14. Select the date from when group member can not edit content anymore. 
  15. Select which group member should get notified when new group pages are created or shared. 
  16. Select which group members should get notified when comments are left on a group page. 
  17. Click Save group to create the group.